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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Why are Swizz Watches So Popular?


Swizz watches have a very strong backdrop.It has been in the market since a very long time.Switzerland has been making watches over the years and hence has built up a reputation and brand that is known all over the worlds today. It has continued keep upto its standards and provides quality watches.

Top Brands

There are many top brands associated with Swizz watches producing innovative and novel watches from time to time. Brands like Omega and Rolex are all luxury products that are affordable to the upper middle class category. They are also considered as a status symbol in the society.

Manufacturers and technicians

Swizz watches have the best and expert technicians of this field. These experts do research and work hard continuously to bring out something new and demanding watches in the market.


The marketing strategies adopted by the Swizz watch should be tremendously appreciated as they have been successful in capturing the market all over the world and still continue to do so with just little efforts. Now the watches and the brand itself do the marketing. It is a very well know brand all over as it has built up the trust and reliability of its users over the period of time by providing quality products and value for money.

Things to be considered when selecting a Swizz watch


Fix your budget for buying a Swizz watch. Since Swizz watches are expensive and come at a price it is necessary to fix your budget before looking out for the watches.It is a kind of investment as you are buying a brand that will build your status in the society.


The size of the watch is an important factor when buying a swizz watch. A wide dial watch is suitable for men’s. Big dial watches are now in fashion. They look very modern and trendy. Women’s watches with big dial are also in demand.


Consider the brand of Swizz watch that one wants to buy. The individual choice, style, personality can decide the type of watch one is looking for. Accordingly one cans shortlist the brand basis on this and the budget.


Watches are mechanical device.Machines play a very important role in selecting the watch. The life of the watch depends upon the machine. The better the machine the longer will the watch last. The watch should also be water proof and should have other features too.


The services offered by the manufacturer should be considered when buying a watch. After sales services is very important as watches are based on machines and anything can happen to them anytime.

About Rolex Watches

Associated with the Rolex is its famous crown logo, one that is internationally recognised as belonging to the brand the world over. The company has created a huge number of models over the years, featuring different styles and functions that have been popular with different types of watch enthusiasts and wearers.

Some of the most popular models include the Datejust, Day-Date, Explorer, GMT-Master and the Yachtmaster. All of these items have their own unique appeal which makes them highly in demand, for their latest designs as well as for vintage versions of the products.

The brand notably has, however, two legendary sports watches, which are the Cosmograph Daytona and the Submariner Rolex watches. This pair comprises two of the most iconic watches ever made; these pieces offer not only exquisite design and craftsmanship but are also incredibly valuable to own.

Rolex watches generally come in both gold and platinum, with the most popular watches made by this particular brand made from steel. The rarer steel vintage examples on the market are undoubtedly the most valuable, and are in high demand by collectors and can fetch a very high price from dealers.

The brand traces its roots back to 1905 when Hans Wilsdorf established a company in London, which distributed timepieces. Wilsdorf was one of the first to see the real value in owning a wristwatch instead of a pocket watch, which was an accurate vision of how the industry was going to change in the years to come.

One of the first Rolex watches to be created was its first waterproof watch, known as the Rolex Oyster. In a marketing campaign run by the company, a young swimmer called Mercedes Gleitze wore this particular model when she swam the English Channel, bringing recognition and publicity to the budding brand.

In particular, the waterproof models created by Rolex watches have evolved very much over the years, with Rolex continuing to expand on the success of its original waterproof model. The company has focused in particular on improving the form and efficiency of its creations, all building on the success of that first watch which resisted the conditions of the harsh sea when worn by Gleitze.

Another landmark moment for Rolex watches was when the manufacturer created and patented the world’s first self-winding mechanism. This particular user-friendly attribute is common to most of the products that are produced by the brand, and is often referenced on the dial of the watch with the word “perpetual”, which is short for “perpetual movement”.

There are some exceptions to the use of this particular function, however, and the early models of the coveted and internationally famous Daytona often do not feature this self-winding mechanism.

Apart from the design and innovation that has accompanied Rolex watches throughout its history, there are several other reasons why they are so appreciated by their loyal fans. One of these reasons is the fact that they are particularly robust.

This is due not only to the manufacture and design of the pieces, but also the fact that they are made from a very high grade of steel, 940L. In addition to this, several modern models of Rolex watch include a blue Parachrom hairspring which is said to be unaffected by magnetic fields and is exceptionally resistant to shocks.

From the company’s inception to this very day, the research and development of Rolex timepieces is unrelenting, and each new model and creation that comes on the market is a notable technical improvement upon its forebears. With this emphasis on quality and constant improvement, there is little wonder why Rolex timepieces have such an impressive legacy.


Luxury Watches

Luxury time pieces are like old traditional rituals; one may subside it, cut it down but cannot throw it entirely. It is like wine, as it gets older its get better in taste. Luxury watches are like same, as it would get older, it become more valuable. The more days it has passed under the sun, the more it has made news in its favor. Luxury watches always remain haymaker, classy and piece to make you feel kingly by its looks, precision. The price of this luxury watch brands is not big issue, the craftsmanship and cutting-edge design matters the most.

Luxury time pieces have evolved a long time ago in the 18th century. First they brought time pieces when the manufacturing of jewelry making got shelved& they brought pocket watches. The Switzerland people brought a piece of love for fashionable people. These love pieces of watch have got new rendition by the time pass by. Tissot, Rado Longines and many more swiss watch houses have started the journey in 18th century and come a long way to satisfy the luxury thirst of all generations to come.

Tissot has penned their name by their design and technology. Touch technology has been brought to us in watch before it became synonymous in other gadgets like mobile. All the engraving in touch mechanism in watch has made a name with Tissot. The latest collection has specially engraved touch precision on numbers like 9, 5 etc, as the displayer is renowned player, played under this jersey numbers.

Rado watch since 1917 has offering new materials and technology to us. At every decade, we got new materials to make the watch. Ceramic, tungstanium, diamond to get the case made for the watch. The watch making style also got up gradation. In the verge of Millennium, Rado brought v10k, diamond jaded watch that steps in Guinness book of world record. Watch keeps technology that can read the time in low light, under water etc also. This updated technology has seen many changes during this course of time.

The era of pocket watches has almost been demolished today. Luxury watch brand in contemporary time have attained a big business market in the present day. The impressive watches continue to strike the market even today and that too with more customers as compared to the past century. It is natural to invent new technology and evolved it with time. Here all luxury watches brands have evolved with time and technology.