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Know The Reasons Why Purchase Rolex Wrist Watches

# Prestige

One of the most gripping reasons to put on a Rolex wrist watch is the prestige. If you are at a wedding ceremony or a gathering, you just want public to see it. If you are a businessman, a Rolex watch symbolizes your success. This is the reason why one wants to own and put on a high end watch.

# Quality

You get what you pay for. Rolex watches will last for years, and can be passed down as a family from generation to generation. Quality watches are stronger and can better resist anything. They run for years and years, and with a little maintenance, they can be kept in a new condition.

# Investment

A high end watch’s investment appeal is possibly the most persuasive reason to own a quality, pre-owned watch. Status and class won’t convince your spouse to agree with this argument. But a pre-owned watch’s ability to appreciate might be convincing.

Many people don’t comprehend this, but gratitude of the price of many watch brands is a proven fact. Retail prices for Rolex increase every year. The relative style of most of these high end watches remains steady. As a result, as the pricing of new models increases, the demand for pre-owned watches also increases. Higher demand results in higher prices. The math is easy. In the last 5 years I have witnessed the typical selling prices of many pre-owned Rolex and Omega models essentially double.

Bottom line – if you do your research and buy the right pre-owned model at a reasonable price, the value of your watch will inevitably increase. Finally, the above comments relating to value appreciation are really pertaining only to pre-owned watches. Purchasing a new watch from a retailer certainly has its appeal in terms of warranty, condition, support, etc. But purchasing a new watch is exactly like purchasing a new car, or maybe even worse. As soon as you leave the dealer, your new watch depreciates 25%. With a new watch, you may possibly see some augmented price after 10 or 20 years. But a pre- owned timepiece may show positive reception in just 6-12 months in some cases. And luxury watches are effectively functional jewelry. People buy expensive watches first and foremost because they make them feel good. They find one that is their style, that makes them smile when they put it on, that makes them feel like the person they want to be, whether that’s James Bond, or Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross, or a race car driver or astronaut or just their idea of a successful person. And the “social perception” component is secondary to that.